Hi, I'm Peter. A UK-based PHP contractor and consultant at Websomatic, developing API's and Web Apps using PHP, Python, Docker and JavaScript. I teach programming and I'm a video instructor at Manning Publications and Packt Publications. I am also the host of the How To Code Well podcast and YouTube channel.

Peter Fisher Freelance Web Developer

I have 20 years experience in web development and can be hired as a contractor, a consultant, or teacher. My specialism is in PHP using Symfony and Laravel or Flask and Django with Python. I can also work with Gatsby, React and VueJs. For a complete list of my skills and experience please see my CV.

Upcoming talks

I have given various talks ranging from web frameworks to Docker

Make your PHPUnit tests smarter

2023-03-08 in Bristol, UK
PHPUnit is a tool for testing PHP code. It has many configuration options that can be used in a number of ways to make your tests more efficient and usable. Learn how to make your PHPUnit tests smarter with this lightning talk.

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